Saturday, March 27, 2010

SMC 3/27/10

Well I can tell you that unless the ole brain really gets to thumping there won't be much here today! I have been up since 330 for unknown reasons. The only good part of that is , also for unknown reasons, it seems to be when I do my best work. I am a down hill person as the day wears on. I bet this is the complete opposite for most of you. I know Linds will not be up until 9 and then prefers not to spoken to for at least an hour after that.
Since this is the last blog for the month of March I will go ahead and give my state of the agency on the business. I know that most of you do not care nor do I need to share this with you but I told you in the beginning that I would be honest with you and share the ups and downs of Wiregrass Travel along with personal and travel related issues, hopefully making this more interesting to read. I have this crazy idea that if clients and potential clients learn more about me they will feel a closer connection, therefore resulting in more loyalty, new business, and referrals. There I go, I just gave away a secret! Do you think it is a good or bad idea to share info like this and how business in general is going? Just curious. Anyway the state of the agency for the month of March is good! Not as good as Feb. but overall a success. I really love what I do and do hope to continue to see the growth in the months and years to come like I have had over the last year. Don't read too far into what I am saying...I am not by any stretch of the imagination getting rich or near it for that matter, just making progress. I would dare say, and I bet you will think this is a lie, that 98% of you are making more income than me right now, but I sure do hope over time that changes :).
An example of one of the best things I enjoy about my job took place about 830 last night. I had a couple just get in from Sandals Royal Bahamian call to tell me how wonderful the experience was and how much they appreciated what all I had done. Talk about a satisfying reward of the job, they actually called me before they called their parents to let them know they were home! Any who, I told you my think tank was kind of dry this morning so I will let you go, as always thank you so much for reading, Jeremy.

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