Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee 9/26/09

Good Morning Wiregrass and beyond! I hope everyone had a great week and are as ready as I am for some football today. Today I am copying and pasting an email I sent to several ladies this morning about some deals in Cancun this March. They all asked for the details on my fan page with Facebook yesterday so I figured that if there were three hand raiser's then there were many more that really wanted to know. Here is the meat of the information:
I am going to give you two resorts to check out that fall in the price range. I used the date on March 22nd-March 27th(Mon-Sat) flying out of ATL. I can't remember, but I believe the flights were direct and I know they were at decent times. Any way the resort that came in under $800 was the Oasis Palm Beach resort. It priced out including air and taxes for $777.74pp. The other was the Barcelo Tucancun Beach Resort. It was priced $832.76pp with everything else remaining the same. I will provide links to both at the end of this email. As with most, the web sites look great but sometimes you don't know what you get until you get there in foreign country. The good news is I have been to the Barcelo myself about 6-7 years ago. The resort wasn't by any means luxury but we were all very pleased. It was right on the beach and clean. The beach itself was actually a nicer beach than the one at Sandals in the Bahamas. The staff did a great job with activities both day and night. There was constantly something going on during the day(volleyball,kayak race,pool games, and even beer pong). Every night there was also some form of entertainment in their courtyard area. There were variety type shows to cultural Mexican dancing girls to a one man band singing Spanish songs we didn't know! Long story short, pending it is still the same, I would go again. The only knock I had was the was pretty mediocre but still got the job done. Oh yea, it didn't matter to us at the time but your choices for beer, which is included, was Dos Equis or Dos Equis. Tip...after spending WAY to much time at the bar one afternoon me and another guy made friends with the bar tender and asked him if he knew how to make Sangria and boy did he ever. He only made us about 4-5 pitchers that afternoon!

Thank you so much for reading, Jeremy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee 9/19/09

Good morning and I am way behind! As you all know two weeks ago I went up to Auburn for the day and we had a blast. Last week I had to take my niece to a birthday party followed by a Sunday school social. Well needless to say I haven't taken the time to sit down and blog. I do actually have some travel news to share with you this morning. After keeping you in the loop with the latest ship changes and one "interesting" new cruise, I am going to list at the bottom some group space I have blocked for this year's spring break for 95% of the Wiregrass area.
I received an email from my Carnival BDM yesterday letting me know that in May 2010 the Fantasy would be replaced in Mobile with the Elation. Wow, we have gone from the old Holiday for years to two new ships in less than six months. That's right you will have only about 5 months if you want to experience the Fantasy out of Mobile. The good news is the Elation is a sister ship to the Fantasy(same deck plan) but is a few years newer. The reason they are making this change is because Carnival is starting a year round itinerary our of Charleston, S.C. and that is where the Fantasy will be headed in May 2010. I really appreciate the fact that Carnival really does try to use as many ports as possible to try to give everyone the chance to cruise without the added expense of air-fare. If only I could get the rest of the cruise lines to get on-board! How awesome would it be if they ALL docked in Panama City or Destin? I bet my business would double or triple. Oh well, I can dream I guess.
As far as the interesting news goes, well it involves Carnival too. I spotted this on Fox news yesterday and Lind's and I had a good laugh. There is going to be the first ever "cougar cruise" coming soon! Yep, you are right, they are talking about that kind of cougar...over 40, single, and in to young men :). There are several companies out there that put together singles and gay cruises all the time but this one is a first. I believe one of the companies mentioned above has come up with this idea. As of the interview the cougars are heavily out numbering the "cubs" on this inaugural sailing so the odds are looking good fellows. Here is the bad news for us here in LA, it is sailing out of San Diego for a weekend trip. However, I am sure there is someone out there that would not mind making this trip. I know I have one friend in particular that will be counting his pennies.
Thank you for reading today and like I stated above I am going to list some specials for spring break in 2010. Jeremy

3/15/10-3/19/10 Royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise $364.90, including all taxes and fees.

3/15/10-3/20/10 Royal Caribbean Belize and Costa Maya $602.93, everything included.

3/22/10-3/26/10 Royal Caribbean Bahamas $364.90, everything included.

3/22/10-3/27/10 Carnival to Grand Cayman and Cozumel $473.67, everything included.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee 9/5/09

Early good morning,
I am excited today which would explain why I am up blogging at 5:20 on a Saturday morning. I am going to Auburn in a little while for the first time in over three years! I had really gotten burnt out from years past mostly due to it taking an entire Saturday and into Sunday, like tonight, to go have the game experience. I have said it before but is worth saying again, I would have told any one that they were nuts if they thought I would ever miss 3 years of Auburn football. I guess the simple fact is I am getting old and it sure is nice to sit in my recliner, in the air conditioning, bathroom within 10 yards, and watching all the other action before and after my game. Like I stated above I am really excited about the game today, but even more excited about who I get to go with and see. I have my college roommate and my may as well been our roommate driving up from FL to go with me. Getting back to the older issue above it will be nice to spend time with these guys since marriage and babies(for one) limit the amount of times we see each other in a year, esp. without any ladies around! I am guessing there will be at least one story that starts "do you remember that night when we were up here that..." fill in the blank. Also my brother-in-law is going up with us and he is one of the funniest guys I know. If he warms up to the other two pretty quickly he will keep us in stitches all day. We are leaving Dothan around 8:30 and headed to Buffalo Connection for lunch and some other games on TV before we head to the stadium about 2. Then I am going to set out to find yet another reason today will be a good day, John Nelson. I met this guy way back in Nov. at training for Cruise Planners. We were assigned seating in class and ended up right next to each other. Well it didn't take John long to figure out how much I loved college football and the Auburn Tigers. He told me that his son was a high school kicker from Ciblo, TX and was signing with La Tech this past spring as the starting kicker. He also said you have to come to the game and we will hook up/hang out. Well, I have to admit I knew he was a heck of a nice guy and I did believe his kid was signing with La Tech but I said there is no way he knows that his kid will be the starting kicker. Either Coach Dooley is blowing smoke and they believe it or he is just "one of those dads". Well long story short, he was named the starting kicker as a true freshman and has one proud papa. So not only do I get to spend the day with some of my best friends in the world, I also get to see one of my newest friends and watch his kid run onto the field at Jordan Hare for the first game of his college career. His name is Matt Nelson and according to CBS Sportsline he will be wearing #33. It also says he weighs a whopping 155lbs. As a friend of his dad and die hard Auburn fan I hope he kicks a minimum of three Field goals but Auburn wins 42-9! War-Eagle and Matt Nelson.