Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Have No Idea! SMC 3/6/10

Hello wide world of bloggers, I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend. All is going good here at Wiregrass Travel. I actually made my last booking for the month of February on Saturday(27th) night at about 9:30PM to cap off the best month by far I have had since being in business. God is good! Of course, in true "owning your own business" fashion, this week has been pretty slow. I am very glad that before jumping into my own endeavors that I sold vehicles for several years on a commission only basis. It taught me a lot about money management and how not to get to high or low when the times change, because they will change. I still feel like this will be a good month too because I have a lot of things in the works and we are still in the prime booking season for summer vacations.
This afternoon will be bitter sweet for me personally. My little Jaybug(niece) is having her 6th birthday party at her house. I am glad she has grown up happy and healthy but it makes me so sad to know she is not a baby any more and it will not be many more years before uncle Germy isn't allowed to hug and kiss her because it will not be cool. I remember the day she was born like yesterday and now she is six! I can't hardly stand it. Her mother and I were talking yesterday about how she came into the world with a bang and hasn't stopped since. I know everyone thinks their kids are the smartest in the world and rightfully so but I can guarantee this child is exceptional but in a way you have to be around her to get. She interacts so normally within her friend groups and plays normally, aka not a weird smart, but will blow your mind with what all she can do for a kindergartner. She is reading on a 4th-5th grade level(her mother tested her because she is a counselor), teaches herself to play the piano(no one in the family is musically inclined), and can solve any addition problem in her head so long as both numbers are below 100! I picked her and her brother up from school a couple weeks ago and brought them to my house for a little while while their mother ran some errands. On the way home she had asked me if she could play on a web site at my house she had found at school. I said sure because Tanner had already asked to play on the Wii "fifth" and this would cut out the arguing about whose turn it was. So I pretty much left her alone in my office while tanner and I played Wii. I went in to check on her after a while only to find that she had selected 5th grade math from the site(can't remember the site). She was playing a game about counting money, you basically are given a figure and you click and drag the money into the box until you think you have it right and click done to check your answer. I noticed she had done 6-7 already but also noticed that it has $867.14 as the problem...I am thinking OK Jay I know you are smart, but I think this may be more than you can chew, so I just watched. Did it perfectly, without hesitation, and didn't use the one hundred dollar bills, used twenties for the most part! Told you, amazing! Well I guess you get the idea about how I feel about this little girl and yes I have very much gloated about her this morning, I don't care. We rarely share outside of our family any of this because we don't want to be "those people" and frankly most people would not believe it anyway but this is my blog and I can say anything I want :).
I will tell you all about Tanner boy in a couple weeks when it is his birthday. Trust me it will be worth reading too. That kid is not right at all! I would put him in a funniest kid contest. I bet you are wondering what all this has to do with travel? Nothing, hence the title. I had nothing travel related to talk about this morning so you got to learn a little about my family. I will list a few specials worth noting below, just to keep it relevant. Thank you all for reading, Jeremy

Royal Caribbean just announced "family of four" pricing on select sailings with a great discounted rate for families of four.

Sandals adults only all-inclusive resorts are offering two free nights plus $250 spa credit with certain accommodations this month.

Travel just about anywhere in the Bahamas through the end of the year and you only pay for one of the air tickets! Yep, it's buy one get one with relatively no restrictions.

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