Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cruise Options

I want to make this post short and sweet as well as informative. Something I hear every day from customers when inquiring about a cruise is "I don't want to have to go very far to get on." I completely understand where they are coming from because I hate to drive or fly myself. There is a problem with this school of thought, you are severely limiting yourselves to choices. We are spoiled here in S.E. Alabama by having 5 ports within 5-6 hr drives. The rest of the country that wants to cruise pretty much has to fly or make an extremely long road trip if they want to cruise period. For us here in "L.A." we have a choice of three (four in the winter) cruise lines for ports we are willing to travel to. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney, all of which are great cruises but until you experience what the others have to offer you may be selling yourself short of an even greater cruise experience. Even within these lines only 2 ships, as of today, are what you would call a modern cruise ships in the ports we love. As I continue to blog I will go into each cruise line and what their particular niche is. For today I will list the ports and what they have to offer.

Mobile: Carnival-1 ship
New Orleans: Carnival-1 ship (Norwegian 1 ship in winter)
Jacksonville: Carnival- 1 ship
Tampa: Carnival-2 ships; Royal Caribbean-1 ship
Pt. Canaveral: Carnival-2 ships; Royal Caribbean-2 ships; Disney-2 ships.

Ft. Lauderdale/Miami: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Crystal, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess, Cunard, and depending on the time of year more! I am not going to attempt to sit here and count the # of ships to choose from in south Florida.

I think you get the idea here, the further you are willing to travel the more choices you have. This doesn't even take into consideration all the other destinations cruises travel all over the world, just the Caribbean.
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