Monday, April 26, 2010

The Foot Massaging Mother's Day Blog!

Well hello wide world of bloggers, it's good to see you again. For those of you who are not fans of Wiregrass Travel on Facebook you have no idea what in the heck this title is about. Well to be quite honest neither do I. I posted a status today asking if anyone wanted me to blog today and if so about what. I had nine comments for the blog but only two suggestions, hence the title. I really do love FB and all the things that come with it. There is always someone out there waiting for the perfect status or picture just waiting to drop their opinion or joke on. It really is so amusing to me and I get a real kick out of it. I think my goal, esp. on my personal profile is to throw the most random thing I can think of out there just to see what I can stir up. Anyone else do this? You know you do, it's fun. If you don't maybe you should try. I will say that 99% of the crap I post is pretty well true, the fact of the matter is people like to laugh at people and the stuff they do so you may as well have fun with your own issues. I think it is very sad for people to take themselves too seriously. Come on you ain't that important, I promise :).
OK on to my two topics. First up Mother's day, now I know my mother will be reading and since she thinks I was rude to her yesterday on her FB status(even though I wasn't, just being honest) I will try to score some points to win her back. I think it goes pretty much without saying that nobody will ever love you like Mama does. She carried you for nine months, birthed you, and cared for you for at least 18 years or better. I could sit here and go through lots of reasons to love your mother or why I love mine and get all sappy...but who wants to do that? Here will come the part where Angie(my mother) will say "oh he is just like his daddy". I don't see the need to gush over people/family members with words. That's all they are, just words. I think actions speak WAY louder than words and from my end and from what I have seen, most of the folks with sweet tongues are just hiding something else they are doing. I believe you can tell how much someone loves someone else by the way they act. For instance, when I call my mother and say "hey, is Mimi's kitchen open this weekend?" that is LOVE. I LOVE her cooking! Or maybe something a little more serious, like when I know she has an appt. with her oncologist and my stomach hurts until about 2PM when she is done and has the all clear. She worries enough on her own, doesn't need my help, but I do it anyway. BTW just learned yesterday that worrying is a sin, which makes sense to me, but means I will be sleeping in a hog pen in heaven but I will be there and that is all that counts! Now for the actual is right up there with Valentines, just another day created by women to get gifts and feel "loved". All that does is just put pressure on us hopeless guys to come up with something good so as not to disappoint. I will end Mother's Day with this, every day should be mother's day, not just once a year and every mother should always have their kitchen open on the weekends. Boy I bet this is going to cause a stir.
Now on to foot massages. There is a 5k this weekend at our church and one of our wittier members thought that telling folks a good place for a foot massage after the 5k would be a good topic. Well I have thought it over for a while now and there is a particular physician who specializes in women's care that I hear also gives a great foot massage...If you need his address just hit me via email and I will share. I will say his wife is quite a character, always having something good going :).
That's it folks I am out, the BSer is officially done for the evening! Jeremy