Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee-late edition

Good morning everyone,
I hope you are having a good weekend so far and as excited about the sunshine as I am. I normally hate yard work, but the sun following days of rain has me motivated. I have decided that each Saturday morning while I drink my coffee that I will sit down here and just kind of throw out what ever is on my mind. As you see it is 9:35AM and I have just gotten around to this edition. No coffee in hand, that was about 2 hrs ago. Lindsey wanting the computer in combination with NCAA baseball on the playstation calling my name has resulted in being late my very first Saturday. Any of you that know me personally already knows that I am not the best speller,punctuater, or any thing that would make you confuse me with an English professor. On my first blog "what its all about" I was trying really hard to make everything just right and had Linds double check everything and give her blessings. Well, most likely to her chagrin, I will be winging it from here out.
I have a couple headed to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica this month for four nights(Mon-Fri) for a total of $1600. Why did I tell you this? Because most people do not realize just how affordable some vacations in exotic places can be. I did a little number crunching before I signed on to compare what a Destin area vacation would cost. Taking everything I could into consideration (condo,meals, drinks, entertainment) I estimate this couple spent about $300-400 more than a similar vacation would cost in north FL. Yes, money is money, but considering most people only vacation 1-2 times per year isn't it worth a little more to experience something totally different!
Well, this concludes the first edition of Saturday morning coffee. I hope you have enjoyed it. I guess it will be weed pulling and grass cutting for the next couple hours.

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