Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee 9/26/09

Good Morning Wiregrass and beyond! I hope everyone had a great week and are as ready as I am for some football today. Today I am copying and pasting an email I sent to several ladies this morning about some deals in Cancun this March. They all asked for the details on my fan page with Facebook yesterday so I figured that if there were three hand raiser's then there were many more that really wanted to know. Here is the meat of the information:
I am going to give you two resorts to check out that fall in the price range. I used the date on March 22nd-March 27th(Mon-Sat) flying out of ATL. I can't remember, but I believe the flights were direct and I know they were at decent times. Any way the resort that came in under $800 was the Oasis Palm Beach resort. It priced out including air and taxes for $777.74pp. The other was the Barcelo Tucancun Beach Resort. It was priced $832.76pp with everything else remaining the same. I will provide links to both at the end of this email. As with most, the web sites look great but sometimes you don't know what you get until you get there in foreign country. The good news is I have been to the Barcelo myself about 6-7 years ago. The resort wasn't by any means luxury but we were all very pleased. It was right on the beach and clean. The beach itself was actually a nicer beach than the one at Sandals in the Bahamas. The staff did a great job with activities both day and night. There was constantly something going on during the day(volleyball,kayak race,pool games, and even beer pong). Every night there was also some form of entertainment in their courtyard area. There were variety type shows to cultural Mexican dancing girls to a one man band singing Spanish songs we didn't know! Long story short, pending it is still the same, I would go again. The only knock I had was the was pretty mediocre but still got the job done. Oh yea, it didn't matter to us at the time but your choices for beer, which is included, was Dos Equis or Dos Equis. Tip...after spending WAY to much time at the bar one afternoon me and another guy made friends with the bar tender and asked him if he knew how to make Sangria and boy did he ever. He only made us about 4-5 pitchers that afternoon!

Thank you so much for reading, Jeremy

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