Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning Coffee 8/8/09

Well I can tell school is back, or almost back, in session! It amazes me just how much we, as humans, typically follow the same pattern of planning and spending. This is the second business I have owned in two completely different areas, but I now have watched business turn on and off like a water spout in both when school is in session or out. I have been hoping all summer that this would be the case because it has been pretty darn slow. Well out of the blue yesterday the phone started ringing off the hook! I had four bookings, two very good possibilities, and when I got back in last night from a social I had four messages that were left after 7 P.M. Thank you Lord for getting school back in session way before we use to have to go when I was a kid. It actually excites the heck out of me to know that I will spend most all day today working. My only concern is how early I should call the four back on a Saturday morning??? I am thinking I should wait until at least 9. Oh well, I have plenty of paper work/emailing to catch up on from yesterday to keep me busy until then.
I also wanted to share with everyone today that I have started a fan page on Face book for Wiregrass Travel. It is amazing that as of this morning there are already over 250 fans! Even more amazing is the fact a large part of them are either not my personal friend on FB or I do not know them at all. If you are a part of the page I would like to thank you dearly for your support and if you are not I would like to ask you to join. I will post the link below for you to see. I have posted a couple things so far pertaining to travel but primarily been spending most of the week pushing for new fans. Ideally I would love for fans to post their pictures and tell about their vacations and experiences. Everyone loves to know what everyone else has done and look at their pictures...hence the Face book craze. I will also use the page to put up any specials or articles I think fans would be interested in. I have made a commitment to all fans, however, to only make one post per day hoping they will keep my news feed up. I know I really hate to have one person/company to post stuff all day and that is all I see when I sign in. Well that wraps this up today, here is the link and I have to get busy now.

I hope that works and Thank you all!

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